Salman Mirza

Over the past many years, I have been lurking around forums, reading reviews, installing products, but I think Rashid Bhai deserves a glowing recommendation on his services, ability to understand the problem, and the cognizable understanding of his domain. Two days ago I took the risk, a first time in the last many years, to get my components/coaxal/amplifier installed by someone other than myself, and I am glad to say that I do not regret my decision. Rashid Bhai and his team have been extremely tolerant of my whims and possess the excellent ability to comprehend my predicaments and provide not one but many clarifications and solutions, ranging across different price ranges. Lahore, a glorious city, deserves this versatility that EOW has up their sleeves, a true high-end store catering to us audiophiles, which helps us learn and progress as well as enjoy what they have for us in the store. EOW comes highly recommended for people who relish good sound. I wish you good luck and hope that this is a start of a good relationship.